VLC Media Player hits Version 1.0

VideoLAN’s VLC media player, arguably the world’s best media player, hit version 0.9.9 in early April. Three months and more than 78 million downloads later, VideoLAN has announced VLC 1.0.0, or “Goldeneye.”

Your media will never be the same.

In fact, with VideoLAN’s VLC media player for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it doesn’t have to be. One of the amazing things about VLC is that it can play anything that you’ve ever even thought about playing. That random media format that one site in Ecuador requires–VLC likely plays it, while Windows Media, Apple QuickTime, etc. likely will not.


It is the best, and it is open source. Suck eggs, proprietary stuff!

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0 thoughts on “VLC Media Player hits Version 1.0

  1. I’ll have to upgrade. My 0.8.6 VLC keeps segfaulting for an unknown reason, and I’ve been stuck with GMplayer since.

  2. Kick ass! I’ve been using VLC for years. It solved all the problems of figuring out what codec you would need for whatever video you downloaded back in the day.

  3. @omar: nope. Ubuntu 8.10. I defenestrated all my computers a couple years ago.

    However, some problems I had recently might have corrupted it and/or the package it was installed from, so a complete removal and complete reinstall may fix it.

    The scarier alternative is that my hard drive is showing signs of dementia…

  4. jdac: I see. You may have a library that is damaged. See if you can verify the integrity of your library files, in the usr and var directories.

    As you suggest, if the problem is with one piece of software do a total reinstall of that package.

    (If you were using Windoze the recommended procedure would be to reformat the hard drive, reinstall the system, then throw that computer away and buy a new one.)

  5. When I moved from PC to MAC I was wondering about which media player I should download. I tried 5 or 6 players and it was nightmare. Finally I have downloaded the VLC and I fall in love with it. It just opening any format. It’s fantastic.

  6. @omar: that’s my hope. Completely removing and reinstalling the `vlc’ package didn’t help, so I’ll be moving on to its dependencies.

    smartctl gives my hard drive a clean bill of health, so I’m taking that as a hopeful sign that it’s just a corrupted library somewhere.

  7. One of the amazing things about VLC is that it can play anything that you’ve ever even thought about playing.

    I don’t know about the latest version but the current version will not, repeat not, play real media files. It also doesn’t play all WMV files.

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