0 thoughts on “Evolution vs. Creationism on Family Guy

  1. The United States has denied us Hulu for too long! My non-USian siblings, it is time for us to unite. It is time for us take action. It is time for us to rectify this grievous injustice.

    We must ummmmm, sneer at them for being a bit uncouth? no, wait, ummmm, stop selling them decent cars? no.. that hurts us more than them. Ummmm, pretend that social democracy sucks? Hmmmm, not sure that’d make any difference.

    Nope. Ah got nothin’. Shucks.

  2. Most proxies are unfortunately either blocked at Hulu’s end, or don’t allow scripts / embed code. Good reasoning behind it, too — you’d be pulling all the video’s traffic through the poor proxy server, and most of them barely scrape by on ad revenue.

    I think I know which clip Greg’s posted here though — wherein Family Guy describes the difference between the scientific theory of how everything got to where it is today (starting with the Big Bang, which is described as God lighting a fart — oh well, god of the gaps and all that), and the creationist “theory” (e.g. I Dream of Jeannie, nodding everything into existence including man, animal, Jesus with big #1 foam finger, oil in fully-formed gas pumps, and SUV’s).

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