0 thoughts on “Security Poll

  1. Bunnies, for certain. Keeping them out of my garden is my biggest worry, they nearly ate all my bush beans.

  2. Right now, we’re dealing with ants, fruit flies, and a furniture company that’s taken a bunch of our money and hasn’t given us any furniture in return. I’m not sure which actually threatens our security the most.

  3. Trapping Report:
    “A new invention called a live trap has mad every day living–well, livable again. Thanks to those engineers at Fleet Farm, anyone can now own a device that will catch squirrels, raccoons, and even the neighbors cat so that you can release them or take them to the Animal Humane Society.”

    Just listen to this users testimonial: “This spring the squirrels were eating the gladiola bulbs faster than I could plant them. When I bought the live trap, I caught 21 squirrels, two raccoons, and three of the neighbors cats. Of course I released the squirrels and coons into the local park, and I didn’t drown the raccoons as recomended by the City people, but I warned the neighbors that I am willing to drop the cats off at the Animal humane society because I can’t stand the tomcat smell in my yard.”

  4. Squirrels, being evil, are subject to drowning. However, I don’t bother to trap them unless they get into the house, which they shouldn’t be able to do anymore. Any that can are truly evil.

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