What is The Survivor’s Club?

At least, Survivor’s Club is a web site, certainly it is a marketing strategy for a book, and it may be a sort of middle-class-privilaged-heteronormative Christian mission. Or just modern Internet voyeurism. You be the judge.

Have a look at the web site. The videos are … interesting.

(And they have some interesting endorsements.)

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0 thoughts on “What is The Survivor’s Club?

  1. According to the author’s (Ben Sherwood) web site:

    Sherwoodâ??s new book, The Survivors Club, is a non-fiction exploration of the science and secrets of who bounces back from everyday adversity and who doesnâ??t; who beats life-threatening disease and who succumbs; and who triumphs after economic hardship and who surrenders.

    In January 2009, Sherwood founded TheSurvivorsClub.org, an online resource center and support network for people surviving and thriving in the face of all kinds of adversity.

    A graduate of Harvard College and a Rhodes Scholar, Sherwood earned masters degrees in history and development economics at Oxford University. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Karen Kehela Sherwood and their son Will.

    Whether intentional or not, this sort of thing is bound to attract the woo-meisters.

  2. So the answer is to curry favor with your favorite god? Well, that will be a revelation to many, I’m sure. Quick hint: If an author spends the entire Q&A telling you that you need to read the book to get the information, there’s no information in the book either. At least, there’s no “information” that isn’t generally available.

    Of course, the minute he started conflating resilience with physical survival, I knew the book was doomed.

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