Michele Bachmann wins award!

On Countdown! The “Best Petard To Be Hoist Upon Later Award!”

Michele Bachmann, who represents the district that is, much to my chagrin, just a few blocks from where I live, has been calling for people to give the upcoming decadal census a pass, is a person of amazing moral integrity. You see she considers the census to be an evil plot by Acorn to facilitate the rounding up and internment of Christians (or something). However, as I’m sure she knows as a member of Congress the census is also the instrument our benevolent government (benevolent now that the Dems are in power) uses to figure out how many members of congress each state gets and what districts get to clove into two (as population goes up) or disappear (as population goes down).

Yes indeed, if Bachmann gets her way, her own congressional district will vaporize.

Here is the award ceremony on Countdown:

Hat tip: Dump Bachmann, where you will find a second video of MSNBC anchors making fun of poor Michele

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0 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann wins award!

  1. If Bachmann gets another term, then there’s something seriously wrong with the district a few blocks from where you live. She can’t open her mouth without winning an award for stupidity.

  2. Oh, ‘petard’; capitalizing the ‘p’ confused me for a second. I did receive a new truth via divine revelation though:

    PETArd: An ignoramus of PETA. (I apologize for the tautology.)

  3. I live in Bachmann’s district.

    Unfortunately, the district is infested with right-wing “Democrats are evil” types. Not Minnesota nice at all. For the sake of my car, I didn’t even put on an Obama bumper sticker this year because I was afraid of retribution.

  4. Yes indeed, if Bachmann gets her way, her own congressional district will vaporize.

    It is not that surprising that Keith “Ag. School” Olberman is dishonestly representing Bachmann’s views, but why are you Mr. Laden? You’re from MN, I assume, and you know how to use google, and you know that Bachmann will report the number of people in her household, and that she only objects to some of the questions on the census.

    My answer: As with many of the bloggers on scienceblogs, you don’t care about the truth, you care about distorting the truth. You give real scientists a bad name.

  5. Actually, we all know what Bachmann is planning to do. We also know that anyone dumb enough to vote for her is too dumb to get the distinction between only answering some questions and not participating at all. She’ll be counted, but the rabble she rouses won’t.

  6. William, I am very interested in the truth, which is exactly why I will work tirelessly to make sure that Michele Bachmann is defeated in the next election.

    I agree with Stephanie, and that is exactly what I was thinking when I first heard Bachmann’s comments (previously reported on this blog). She is rarely clear with what she says (previously reported on this blog) and often wraps threats or exhortations to commit crimes in babbling rhetoric (previously reported on this blog). That is normal for her, ans as Stephanie notes, it will be good enough to get a lot of the morons who seem to be living in disproportionate numbers i her district to break the law.

    As for what I blog about and this being “scienceblogs” and your opinion that there is a mismatch between what Sblings write and what you expect, I find that very annoying so I ma throwing the switch that will cause your web browser to not read any data from this internet domain from now on.


    Good bye .

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