I didn’t say it. And when I said it I shouldnta said it.

And I’m still sayin’ it, and I’m going to continue to deny I’m sayin’ it, and I’m going to keep sayin’ it, and Joe the Plumber, the liberals, I was trapped, they gotta do their job and vet the liberal views in congress, and that’s that’s what I was getting at….

Apparently, the following video from last October was just released by the Star Tribune:

From the Dump Bachmann web site

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0 thoughts on “I didn’t say it. And when I said it I shouldnta said it.

  1. She is an embarrasment to bat-shit carzy loons everywhere. I think it is long past time to examine the re-call statutes in teh MN laws.

  2. Not gonna watch it; wouldn’t be prudent. Every time I hear her speak, I break another piece of electronics when I start ranting and flailing.

  3. Reminds me of the Dover trial guy. Buckman, was it? Deer in the headlights. Everyone around me had been saying “creationism.” So I said “creationism.” I didn’t mean to say it.
    Must be a right wing affliction. An idiot-syn-crazy.

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