We are the World: New Philippines Prisoner M. Jackson Tribute

Prisoners, nuns, do the wave for Jacko:

I concur with BGF’s opinion on this.

Except I’ve got to add: When the nuns came out I kind of freaked. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I totally missed the “we ae the world we are the Coke Commercial” event because I was in the jungle with the … starving and dying children that year. Everybody was humming this song when I got back but no one could remember why.

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0 thoughts on “We are the World: New Philippines Prisoner M. Jackson Tribute

  1. Re BFG’s question who is clapping in the background. If you view some of their other videos on YouTube, you sometimes see crowd shots. It looks like the families of the inmates. I assume they put on shows for special family visiting days. This video uses some of the routines from their other videos, so I guess they pulled some together to make the memorial video on such short notice.

  2. Why are the ‘nuns’ wearing orange prisoner jumpsuits under their habits? Are they prisoners (imprisoned nuns, or prisoners in ‘nun drag’)?

    Pretty great amateur choreography, though.

  3. These are some of the sickest video’s on the internet, because they exploit the most unfortunate men. Watching them is akin to dog porn, except even the dogs are free.

    The ‘nuns’ are most likely the gay prisoners,or the ‘punked’ prisoners, and if you have seen these videos before you can recognize them as such.

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