Jackson Coroner: “Cause of Death” Will Wait Weeks

The coroner’s preliminary report has come out, and it is vague.

Rather than reporting, for instance, a simple heart attack/stroke, the coroner indicates that there is no obvious cause (some physical, visible thing) of such a thing, and that actual ’cause of death’ will be specified only after toxicology screens and other tests.

The word on the street (well, actually, on my TV) is that the multi-week delay the coroner indicates will mainly be caused by being really really careful so they don’t screw this up.

In other words, SOP plus.

Various sources are also indicating that Jackson has been, essentially, “clean” over the last few months or more, with respect to alcohol and drugs. On the other hand, one of the main sources of that information may be a physician who disappeared from the scene when things got hot, and who’s car has been impounded by the LAPD.

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