Third-trimester abortions

In light of the recent assassination, by a member of a right wing Christian anti-abortion cabal, of a physician who specialized in late term abortions, it may be worth having a look this medical phenomenon.

Well, my blog colleague Monado contacted me a week ago or so and we discussed this, and I felt that she should write up what she had, since she had done some research. I would then hope that my readers who are interested in this will go and have a look at her post.

The bottom line is that third trimester abortions are done for a diverse set of reasons, and a lot of what is said in the public debate is not accurate.

Have a look at “What causes third-trimester abortions?” at Science Notes.

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0 thoughts on “Third-trimester abortions

  1. Are you kidding me, humorix? Did you not actually do any reading?

    Oh, that’s right: The likes of you don’t actuall educate yourselves. You just spew idiocy.

  2. The problem is that there are at least a few examples of unethical twistings of the rules in situations that didn’t really justify it (and of course no one gives those reasons in a study survey), and in our world of Legislation from Worst-Case Example (a profoundly stupid way to write laws), those were what was trumpeted in Congress.

    Using these statistics like they are a slam-dunk, as if all late-term abortions have been completely medically justified, is just naive, and I think that propagandistic approaches from either side of the issue are destructive to the discussion.

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