I feel just like Carla Gugino in that movie…


… where she‘s the scientist attending the crazy Sci Fi conference where everyone is dressed as Star Wars characters. That’s because I’ll be doing something at Skepchickcon Convergence Skeptics Track 2009

All the cool bloggers and some cool non-bloggers will be there, including Pamela Gay, PZ Myers, Rebecca Watson, Masala Skeptic, Bug Girl, Elyse, Carr2d2, and Moi.

There will be excellent skeptical programming and a few parties as well.

The details are here.

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0 thoughts on “I feel just like Carla Gugino in that movie…

  1. They must like you. You got all your panels scheduled on one day. Mine are Friday and Sunday, which does nothing to get me out of family events. Then there’s Kelly’s schedule….

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