Cronkite Less Ill …

… than previously reported. The word from his assistant, interviewed earlier today with the report coming out in the last ten minutes or so, indicate that Cronkite is going to be fine. Really old and stuff, but fine.

“he is aging. He’s suffering the challenges of age, but he’s not gravely ill. Only God knows when life will end and for Walter, it’s not imminent.” said Marlene Adler, Cronkite’s assistant.

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0 thoughts on “Cronkite Less Ill …

  1. I breathe a sigh of relief.

    And yet, Adler’s assertion that only God knows when he’ll die, and that she knows it’s not imminent, suggests she has some insight into the mind of God.

  2. I assume she is just using standard-speak of her culture and is in fact a rational atheist. It’s like me saying “Jeesh.”

    The reporter who bothered writing it down should be flogged.

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