0 thoughts on “Jesus Appears in Linux Kernel Build

  1. “This analysis was done on 1377 kernel modules from 2.6.0 to 2.6.29, but there is also a small dip into the BSD world.”

    Obviously they should have studied only 1337 kernel modules.

  2. We just need more u63r-1337 geeks around here.

    j35U5 4PP34R5 1|| L1||U>< |<3R||3L bU1LD

    7|-|15 /15U4L r3PR353||74710|| 0Ph 7|-|3 1||51D3 0Ph 4 L1||U>< |<3R||3L bU1LD (L34RL'/ |-|4D 4|| 1//493 0Ph j35U5 (|-|R157 |-|1DD3|| 1|| 17.

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