Captain America Alter-Ego Pulls a Lazarus

For those of you interested in Super Heroes, check this out:

Superhero alter-ego Steve Rogers – the original Captain America – is to come back from the dead in a new five-part Marvel Comic series.

The first part of Captain America Reborn will be out in the US on 1 July, but its makers will not say how Rogers will come back to life.

Rogers was apparently shot and killed in 2007 on the steps of a courthouse.

Since then, the 68-year-old series has continued with Rogers’ sidekick Bucky Barnes taking on the superhero mantle.


Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to repost my old post on Jim’s superhero book…

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0 thoughts on “Captain America Alter-Ego Pulls a Lazarus

  1. Thoroughly unimpressed. The Civil War story arc actually worked as a great parable for what you get when you trade security for safety — fascism, and the death of America. A bit hamfisted in killing Cap himself, but there you have it.

    But hey. Comic book characters never stay dead. Never. Not even Jason Todd. (stupid Superboy Prime…)

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