0 thoughts on “Which is better, cats or dogs?

  1. methinks selection bias.

    dogs: I see the K9’s checking out the ferry waiting cars daily. These are serious working dogs, obviously closely bonded with and extensions of their handlers. F9’s? not so much. But I have tried living with dogs and I cannot take their BO or slobber. Their affection isn’t even bought, it’s axiomatic. I hate to disappoint them. They do not understand jokes or revenge.

    cats: get into a cat’s good graces and you know it. Being on their staff is one of the best jobs there is, as far as sense of reward goes. And they do understand jokes, and revenge.

    And then there is my dog-cat Madison. Long story. Some other time.

  2. Have commenters here stopped responding to this question with outrage and indignation, or is it that I simply got here early?

    As to the question itself, I vote for both. Dunno about pigs. Smart, sure, but they’d really trash your house.

  3. Hi, José,
    I’ve never seen any direct evidence, either. But people who claim to know such things say that pigs are pretty smart. Try googling “pigs intelligence” Some even say pigs are sweet and lovable. I still prefer the company of cats and dogs.

  4. @John Swindle
    Yeah, it’s been fashionable for about 10 or 15 years for people to talk about how smart pigs are. Some people go so far as to say they rival dolphins and chimps for intelligence. Maybe these super-intelligent pigs can sense that I like bacon, so they always go into dumb mode when I’m near just to mess with me. The joke’s on them though, because if they were to actually display this intelligence, I and others might reconsider our pro-bacon position.

  5. Oh, and they also talk up how clean pigs are: â??They only roll in the mud because they don’t have sweat glands.â? That would be like someone saying, â??I’m not gay, I just prefer sex with other men because it feels good.â?

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