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  1. HEAVENLY SKYWAYS: The Underground Airline for Believers

    If God gave Noah specific instructions for building the ark, you can best believe He has specific instructions for end time Believers to build an ark of safety for those in the household of faith.

    Even the stork in the sky
    knows her appointed seasons,
    and the dove, the swift and the thrush
    observe the time of their migration.
    But my people do not know
    the requirements of the LORD- Jeremiah 8:7.

    The Book of Matthews, Chapter 24 States That During The End of The Age, There Will Be Wars, Rumors of Wars, Earthquakes, Famine and Persecution of the Saints, When Many Will Be Put to Death, As The Love of Most Will Grow Cold. Then The Anti-Christ Will Step in Deceive Many. He Will Eventually Claim to Be God, Himself. Those Who Are In The Household of Faith Are Told To Flee To The Mountains. When They Flee, Who Will Be Wise and Faithful To Feed and Take Care of Them? Will The Government Take Care of Them Like It Did For Those Who Fled to The Super Dome During Katrina Only To Be Left There Starving For Days? Will God Have To Send Down Manna From Heaven As He Has Already Proved He Could Do? Or Will We, Who Are Wise and Faithful, Love His Sheep Enough To Feed and Take Care of Them- Like He Told Us To Do- At The Proper Time, Which, Because No Man Knows The Day or Hour, Is NOW? If God Gave Noah Specific Instructions For Building The Ark, You Can Best Believe He Has Specific Instructions For End Time Believers To Build An Ark of Safety. If Abolitionists Could Do All That Was Done To Feed, Take Care and Set Captives Free Back In The Day In The Midst of Racial Slavery, How Much More, With Advanced Technology And Increased Information, Could We Do Today? Listen To This Informational Episode and Tell All Your Christian Friends To Listen, As Well. Then Visit Us At http://www.heavenlyskyways.com To Join Us In Feeding and Taking Care of Godâ??s Sheep For Their Appointed Time.

  2. Will God Have To Send Down Manna From Heaven As He Has Already Proved He Could Do?

    I must have missed it the first time. Think you could arrange for it to happen again, for us skeptics and non-believers, that we might know the truth? Coz if not, I’m not much interested.

    Have you checked out the site yet? It registers at like 0.7 Time Cubes.

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