0 thoughts on “The latest attack by Michel Bachmann

  1. Aw, she doesn’t look that bad. Watch the video with the sound off & pretend you don’t know who she is & you might think she has a bit of charm.

  2. So, she wants to stop funding for organizations (or just ACORN) that have been merely accused/charged of fraud, but have not yet been found even guilty of doing so? Gee, why don’t we start charging Bachmann for dozens of crimes and then have a petition asking for the sacking of state representatives that have been charged with criminal acts. Same damn thing.

  3. Pretty obvious this is anti-ACORN all the way and she wants the Bill signed, sealed and delivered in advance of ACORN being found guilty. That she covers up saying “such groups like ACORN who would…”

    On the other hand, if groups such as ACORN are the beneficiaries of taxpayer funding and such groups apply themselves to criminal ends such as subverting the electoral process, why shouldn’t such funding be cut off?

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