Minnesota’s Own Planetarium

Some time ago there began an effort to build a state of the art Planetarium and Space Discovery Center in Minnesota, most likely in Minneapolis. These plans have been set back by the usual forces, but are nonetheless moving ahead. (It certainly is a good thing John McCain did not win the election, or all Planetaria would be DOOMED!)

Well, now, the movers and shakers behind the planetarium have arranged an event intended to raise awareness of their project. Here are the details, and I hope to see you there!

Summer Solstice Celebration
Monday, June 22
4:00pm – 8:00 pm
Minneapolis Central Library
300 Nicollet Mall

This event is co-sponsored by the Library Foundation of Hennepin County. Here is your chance to — travel past the Sun out into the universe through the Society’s ExploraDome sky theater, that has been wowing school kids throughout Minnesota — learn something new about astronomy and telescopes from the Minnesota Astronomical Society, and — expose your kids to the world of Astronomy through astronomically-related games. We also hope you’ll take this opportunity to see the future site of the Minnesota Planetarium and learn more about how we can make it a reality.

ExploraDome shows will be held on the half-hour. The dome holds 25 at a time, so reservations are recommended. To reserve your spot, please send your name, phone number and time (by the half-hour) to the sally@mplanetarium.org OR 651-999-7300.. The 6:30pm show is a special presentation in Pohlad Hall featuring our planetarium colleagues live from around the world, and is open to all.

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0 thoughts on “Minnesota’s Own Planetarium

  1. Not the same one . He was talking about one in Chicago.

    The Chicago one was Obama’s. This one would be Al Franken’s. However, my understanding is that Tim Pawlenty supports this particular planetarium. Which makes him unelectable, of course.

  2. Considering the amount of wasteful spending in the library system (computers so kids can play games, fancy building downtown so homeless have a place to stay warm, administrator earning more than 6 figures a year, merger made necessary by politicians spending like there’s no tomorrow, etc.), I do wonder why the governor supports a planetarium.

  3. You know, dude, in anyone else, that wonder would actually go lead them to find something out. It’s called “learning,” and it’s both what you don’t get and why you don’t get it.

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