0 thoughts on “A kiss is just a kiss. Or is it?

  1. Of course, a kiss with sheril may be just a kiss. I’d hold my nose and try not to think of chris m.
    Now ERV on the other hand. That kiss would have the added frisson of wondering if arnie likes me or not.
    And jennifer… *swoon*

  2. Why thanks you eddie, for proving just what complete and utter fucking morons people can be. I mean really, I am so very glad you chose to grace us with your fantasy perspective of really bright women – because I am quite certain that the women you just listed care so very much how you see them. It’s good to know that you have such an active fantasy life and chose to share it with us. Because you know, I woke up this morning just totally wondering what eddie fantasizes about.

    It really is all about you.

    Fucking moron.

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