0 thoughts on “How typoes are delt with on the Innernet

  1. “Typos”, even when verbed, would not include an apostrophe.

    You know, Joel, there is a law that any internet spelling or grammar flame must itself contain a grammar or spelling mistaek. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. “Subsequent flaming though comments by people with equally bad grammar and spelling”

    Excuse me, Miss Cellania! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. The portions for ‘ignored by reader’ and ‘Subsequent flaming though comments by people with equally bad grammar and spelling’ should be transposed.

  4. What about flaming by people with good grammar and spelling? e.g.:

    Damn you all and your incoherent rantings! In the future, please refrain from repeatedly licking the keyboard rather than using your hands, in your efforts to type what would no doubt otherwise be a magnum opus of insight and wisdom. Rather than a worthwhile comment, you have produced a seemingly random arrangement of letters that, in some circles, might pass for communication, but around these parts exposes you as no better than a random sentence generator the likes of which are used by spammers to fool spam filters. Leave this blog, and never again darken its comment threads! You are a blight upon the internet, and if there be a god, may it have mercy on your soul.

  5. Sometimes I type several words with my fingers on the wrong keys. Then I delete them. But I always think, “One of these days, I’m going to work this into a blog post.”

  6. Can we flame Cath for inventing the verb, erm, “to verb”?

    It has just knocked “to medal” off top spot in the “utterly unimportant language foibles Tommy finds find inexplicably annoying” chart.

  7. eehehee I love the high-and-mighty (friend’s facebook status):

    “learn how to spell people. Im f-ing sick of reading “your” instead of “you’re” and hearing txt speak (u, ur, wat, DAT, DIS, ARGHHH)”

    But I always thought there was an apostrophe in “I’m” (i’m giving a pass to “txt” but I don’t know why). Regardless, I love the girl who posted this, and am not going to flame her (we *are* friends).

    I’m not big on this spelling and grammar critique business unless it’s actually in order to be helpful. If you’re smart enough, you can figure out what they meant.

    Best typo realization and pre-empt to flaming ever, though: “oh sh*t, i missed my period”

  8. thanx 4 a gr8 post. your terrific. their are many people that irritate me immensely with there bad grammer and puctuation and spelling. i always flame them and correct them.
    ain’t you proud that i spelled immensely correctely? i lukd it up. haha, can’t flame me!!!

  9. Actually, “typo’s” is perfectly correct (except that it was probably done for the wrong reason), because the apostrophe is representing omitted characters (rather than a possessive form). If you insist on “typo” being a word, a slangy back construction from “typographical” and the beatnik “-o” suffix or some such, then you would likely reject it out of hand as a contraction.


  10. I like how the poster spelled ‘error’ wrong in the title.
    I guess to see if the readers caught it in order to avoid the ‘not noticed’ category.

  11. Arrrgh. As soon as I finished looking at the chart, I scrolled down to these comments and waited for someone to make a joke about the spelling/grammer in another persons comment. It happened in the SECOND COMMENT. People of the internet: STOP BEING SO DAMN PREDICTABLE!!!!

  12. Damn you all for wasting bandwidth with pointless attempts at educating the masses, who cares if some kid can’t spell, the question is did you understand what they were saying?

    Grammar and the English language has evolved and changed over many many years, It is still changing and always will, it is a form of communication, if an idea is communicated successfully then the text is also successful, so damn you spelling nazi’s!!! I’ll stick my apostrophe ‘ where I god ‘damn like! if your only retort is to pull someone for their spelling rather than create a good counter argument then you have already lost the battle! and you have lost your place in progression of the english language and grounded yourself in the relics of its past!

    Its like that billion year old book people still use as a literal guide to life, get over it! its old and out of date!

  13. Just goes to show that the majority (The red) are pretentious jerks. How about worrying about yourself for a change ? LMAO

  14. Hartman-Skitt-McKean.

    Hartman-Skitt-McKean all the way.

    Interesting how laid back I’ve become about orthography over the years. Guess it helps to become educated.

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