Suspect in George Tiller’s Murder Apprehended

George Tiller was a physician who performed late term abortions. Apparently, this bothered someone enough that he was gunned down earlier today in church.

A 51 year old white male has been apprehended in connection with this murder.

There are some details here.

This is what the right wing does when it does not get its way.

UPDATE: I like PZ’s suggestion of heading over to Feministe’s site to check out the pro-choice charities.

UPDATE: Suspect drove a car with this on the back of it.

UPDATE: Suspect may have had “Operation Rescue” ties. That does not surpize me.

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0 thoughts on “Suspect in George Tiller’s Murder Apprehended

  1. Yeah, Greg, I am not surprised at all that he had ties to Operation Rescue. Especially when the Wichita Observer reports this:

    Randall Terry, founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, said in a statement that “George Tiller was a mass-murderer. We grieve for him that he did not have time to properly prepare his soul to face God.”

    It seems that religious extremists will never understand reality, whether they’re Christian Fundamentalists or the Taliban.

  2. This domestic terrorism must be stopped. It’s a ticking time bomb. Where are the calls from the Rightwing Talking Melonheads to round up anti-abortionists and anyone with a Jesusfish on their car, imprison them overseas, and waterboard them until they reveal their next targets?

  3. Info on the killer reveals he was mentally ill and highly paranoid. His illness untreated cost him his marriage & ties to a living child that he did not bother to raise, probably didn’t support financially either. He is no saint, he is ill. Did anyone attempt to get this man help as he encountered & interacted with the pro-life protesters? I am always amazed that the people outside the clinics have obsessive links to other bizare ideation and anti-anything clubs. Still to not help those alive on the streets, make the fewest donations to charity, and become distant from their own loved ones is a picture that is all too common in these movements. The top of such Anti-organizations are too willing to use people with profound disturbances. Anyone ask how many people in mental health professions have been murdered? Again late-term abortions are not a birthcontrol method. But the crazies outside the clinic offer no value to raise the standards of the debate. You would not let those people have custeody of children with severe & life threatening disabilities, or give them a thought as a mother agonizes to terminate a prenancy that could cost her life and leave her living children as orphans. Protesters… take your meds, get focused on your own families… After all they are handy to shoot at too!

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