Google Chromium browser for Linux is now Alpha

… and Ars has a look at it.

The latest alpha build of Chromium provides basic browsing functionality and a few of Chrome’s other features. I was able to load pages, open new tabs and windows, use the browser’s full-page zoom, download files, view and manage history, and run the Incognito privacy mode.

The rest of the features were only partially implemented. It is possible to reorder tabs in each window, but you can’t snap out a tab yet or move tabs between windows. Bookmarking basically works, but with several limitations. Clicking on the bookmark star icon doesn’t pop out the bookmark editing bubble. The bookmark manager is also not implemented yet. Users can, however, toggle the visibility of the bookmark bar and edit its contents.

Remember: With baboons, Alpha is good. With software, Alpha is not. This sounds better than the hacked up version I last tried, but it is not there yet. But perhaps it is just arond the corner.

ars technica review is here

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