A Letter from Eleanor Smeal, regarding George Tiller

A true hero for women’s rights and lives was murdered today. Dr. George Tiller, who endured countless threats, an assassination attempt, bombings and assaults on his clinic, and many legal challenges by anti-abortion extremists was murdered in his church by such an extremist today.

I am greatly saddened by his death and by the loss of a friend to me and countless women, but I am also outraged that this could have happened again. I and the Feminist Majority Foundation had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr. Tiller over the last two decades. He was a courageous, unassuming, and soft-spoken man who cared deeply about his patients and about women’s rights and lives. He knew his life was in danger, but continued to provide vitally needed healthcare services to women when few others would.

Dr. Tiller expected no accolades – he was doing what he knew was right and medically needed. However, he deeply appreciated the gratitude he received from his patients and pro-choice supporters nationwide. I am glad so many of us had the opportunity to thank him — He deserved it.

Many of you have heard from us before about Dr. Tiller and his dedicated and courageous staff. Many of you have responded to our appeals and have sent kind messages of support to him and his clinic staff.

I know you want to send his family and clinic health workers your sympathy and gratitude for his work. We will facilitate this my forwarding your messages.

Ellie Smeal

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