Diversified Linux Resources

Following on this earlier post, here are links to on line resources that would aid in building, configuring, and using a Linux based computer.


Systems and related information:

Shell Scripting:

Advanced concepts:

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0 thoughts on “Diversified Linux Resources

  1. Hmmmm, I’d switch out the CPU with the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz 6MB L2 Cache, get a $25 case, and use the savings to buy a 32mb cache HD. You could also get a similar priced Gigabyte mobo that can up to 16gb.

  2. I’d look at fedora for new users as well. Fedora 10 was extremely well done, much better than 9 and is very friendly to set up. A better option for KDE fans than Kubuntu in my opinion. (I like the distinct root user as well, ubuntu’s implementation of sudo bothers me from a long term security stand point sometimes)

  3. What’s the fascination with booting faster? The only time I ever boot is when I’m working on my work Windows XP laptop and I’m forced to reboot, but even then it’s pretty rare?

  4. Linux from scratch? Ouch, that’s some high level stuff. I’d recommend starting out with Gentoo Linux before messing with LFS. Gentoo is a source-based distro as well, and Portage makes for a very good platform to work with source from. I’d experiment with Gentoo before you try Linux From Scratch.

  5. Great compendium of links, though I’m now hearing a voice in my head say in Carl Sagan’s voice:

    “To install Linux from scratch… you have to first create the Universe (repository).”

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