Don’t just do what people tell you to do.

Catholics are trained to steal away into closets or back rooms with any babies that happen to be left around, so they can be secretly baptized. You did know this, right? It is true. If you take your baby to a day care provider, check on this first. If you suspect there are Catholics working there, just tell them your baby is named Mark or Mary and mention some funny story about the Baptism and that should do it.

You probably knew all that, but what you probably didn’t know is that Atheists are trained to do this: CLICK HERE.

OK, now click here.

OK, now click here.

OK, that is all for now.

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0 thoughts on “Don’t just do what people tell you to do.

  1. Absolutely true – my parents returned home to find my aunt drying me off, and she admitted to baptising me while they were out. When they got over the initial shock they found it funny, and told the story to some other friends, who also admitted to having baptised me. I had been secretly baptised no less than 4 times, by different meddling Catholics.

  2. On the other hand, I don’t just not do what people tell me not to do either. In this case, I moused over the links to get a pretty good idea of what you were setting up, then checked to fill in the details.

  3. That’s no fun, I got left with a babysitter at the beach once and all that happened was that I ate sand for four hours.

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