0 thoughts on “Everything seems to be back to normal ….

  1. And ahem,

    got a sweet juicy submission error posting the one above !!
    Back to the drawing board for the Scienceborgs methinks….
    Bit ridiculous really,do they not care??

  2. These submission errors are happening all the time at the moment.

    They do care, but maybe they are a bit understaffed. It is also an issue with the technology; This implementation of MT is custom built and was recently redone and upgraded … that upgrade went really well. But now, there is some tweaking going on and I think the tweaking has caused some unexpected problems.

    The good news: There is some kind of system analysis or review or whatever going on to figure out what is happening with these various problems, so there should be some more tweaking, and then some more problems (because that always happens) then everything will be fine.

    Independently of all of this, the server farm itself went down a week ago or so, which makes it all seem even worse.

  3. Greg,
    its been a week,the SB IT department seems as bad as the one at my workplace,totally asleep at the wheel.

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