0 thoughts on “You can tax the poor, but you can’t target cuts for the rich.

  1. I’ve been to the US twice in my life. Last year it was to Disneyland, Orlando. The first time was in 1999 to visit the American side of the family and for two weeks I was in Oklahoma staying at my uncle and aunt’s house. We covered quite a lot of OK and I can confirm: they got nowt. When grandma wanted to go somewhere and do something special with the grandchildren she had never met; we drove for a long time and I’m sure we weren’t in OK when we got aboard a restaurant on steam train that took a scenic tour around a beautiful countryside while we ate. I bought a slinky at the gift shop, like all slinkys I’ve owned, it was broken in hours.

    They don’t even have slinkys in in Oklahoma.

  2. Ok, sorry for the double post (now triple I guess)…. All I did was pause the video after submitting my comment and it posted twice. Weird

  3. She’s fantastic — Lenczewski rocks.

    It bothers me that real people, affected negatively disproportionately to the rich, are taking it upon themselves to “teabag” to fight for the rights of rich to continue bleeding the poor to death. Yes, the super-rich pay more than the not-super-rich as a whole, but as a percentage of their income, I’m amazed — the rich can afford way more without affecting their standard of living at all.

    Even barring all other factors, let’s say the poor pays say 5% and the rich pays 35%; if the poor’s 5% takes them from $100 a week, down to $95 a week, that makes a bigger dent on their budget than the rich making $10000 a week being taken down to $6500 a week.

    Hey, why is there a Democratic Farmers League, and no real “Democratic Party”? Why the distinction?

  4. Jason: There used to be a farm party and a labor party and when it occurred to people to make a Democratic party, they ended up combining to make the DFL. My knowledge of this is wikipedia level. Maybe somebody who konws what they are talking about will chime in.

  5. Cuts are almost always regressive. Taxes can be progressive.

    Gosh, this is a-rockin’ frame. I bet this will be my answer to any question over the next two weeks. Hopefully not, there are interviews during this time laps.

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