Train Travel

I have always preferred train travel over flying, when practical. I have no fear of flying, and when I do fly, I try to sit by the window because I love looking down at the lay of the land and the tiny cars on freeways. I am still a kid that way. I love to fly, but I would prefer a train…

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0 thoughts on “Train Travel

  1. I used train travel with overnight stops when I went from Boston to Seattle washington stopping at chicago, glacier park montana, seattle, cheyanne WY, & Denver col. Used the sleeper car, dining car, observation car, and walked the train. ITS THE ONLY WAY TO FLY!!!!!!

  2. When our boys were young we crossed Canada by train a couple of times and also went up to Churchill (which has no road access). Each time we got a section – two facing seats that turned into upper and lower bunks at night with heavy curtains across. During the day we could meet other passengers, at night it was like being in a tent except you could lie and watch the stars and the forest go past. The boys soon found other children to play with so for a while we would have extra kids, then they would disappear for an hour but we knew they would be safe somewhere on the train. It’s by far the easiest way to travel with pre-teens.

    North American trains are quite leisurely but I think it is my favorite way to travel, although boat travel is a strong rival.

  3. Train is my favorite way to travel as well. It’s one of the main reasons I moved to Europe — the fantastic train service!

    The train that took us back to Switzerland from our vacation in Italy actually had a small playground for the kids! If you don’t believe me, I posted pictures here.

  4. another train lover. it’s an one hour flight (three hours if getting to the airport, and airport annoyances are included), or one overnight train ride to Minneapolis… but I usually always take the train :-p

  5. My wife and I (& impending offspring) are moving to NW Pennsylvania later this year, and are eagerly looking forward to the train. Our families live in Chicago, and we have to using increasingly miserable airlines to go home. Once we get up there, we can catch a ride in Erie. It’s been so long since I’ve ridden a train that I find myself excited already! It’ll be great for the kids, too.

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