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Why OpenSource is Good and ALL other alternatives are Always Bad

Not all proprietary software is actually evil. However, very few people who prefer proprietary software over OpenSource software will admit how evil it can be. So this is like having two societies. In one, by convention and social norms we don’t hit the kids. In the other, we spank the kids now and then, and this is acceptable. In both societies, there is violent abuse of children but it is never accepted.

Then, in the no-spanking society, violent attack on children that annoy us continues to be shunned and illegal, but in the spanking society, spankers defend all violence against children because there really is no place to draw the line.

Yes! I said it! Proprietary software is a form of child abuse!!!

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Coleman, under investigation, wants to use campaign funds for criminal case

Attorneys for Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) have asked the Federal Election Commission for permission to use campaign funds to pay his legal bills stemming from allegations that a Coleman confidante funneled improper payments to the lawmaker via his wife.

Coleman and his wife have denied any wrongdoing, but the former CEO of Deep Marine Technology, a Houston, Texas, company, filed a lawsuit claiming that Nassar Kazeminy, a DMT investor, “coerced DMT to make improper payments of $75,000 to Laurie Coleman through her employer, for the ultimate benefit of her husband.”

A similar lawsuit was also filed in Delaware after media reports that Kazeminy may have paid “large bills for clothing purchases” by Coleman and his wife at Neiman Marcus.

A liberal watchdog group in Minnesota, Alliance for a Better Minnesota, wrote to the FBI in November asking it to investigate the allegations, and also filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, another liberal organization, filed a complaint with the ethics panel as well.

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More emotional intelligence = more orgasms

ResearchBlogging.orgAccording to a study just coming out in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, “variations in emotional intelligence–the ability to identify and manage emotions of one’s self and others–are associated with orgasmic frequency during intercourse and masturbation.”

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Emailing Habits And Diurnal Patterning


Duncan Watts at Yahoo Research in New York City and a few pals studied the time of day at which around 3000 individuals at a European university sent emails over an 83-day period as well as the email habits of over 122,000 e-mailers at a US university over a 2-year period.

They found two distinct types of emailer. They termed the first “day labourers” because they tended to send emails throughout the normal working day between 0900 and 1800 but not at other times. The second group they called “emailaholics” because these people sent emails throughout the waking hours from 0900 to 0100.

I tried to have a look at the original paper, but since this story has been slashdotted, I suspect the server on which it resides has turned into a burned out cinder. The methods used to produce this analysis would be very interesting to look at. It looks a little too clean to me!