Should a 13 year old shaman be allowed to commit suicide?

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There is a spirited discussion regarding Minnesota’s own woo vs. sue maneno at Quiche Moraine.

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0 thoughts on “Should a 13 year old shaman be allowed to commit suicide?

  1. As a society we decide at what age kids can make major decisions like this for themselves. In this case he is not old enough. He is still way too under the influence of his religious nutcase parents. It is a tough call, but a thirteen year old does not have the long-term perspective for this decision.

    On the other hand I guess we could let them go ahead and give him one of those Darwinian awards.

  2. I don’t see why not, since he should be able to resurrect himself and keep healing the tank to avoid a wipe.

    (Very, very sorry…)

    I don’t know how much I could add to this discussion. I’m still mulling over the conflicting views myself, although in the end, I think there is an overwhelming interest in protecting children from abusive parents, whether that abuse is intentional, or accidental.

    In my mind it comes down to this: If a parent brought the child into the hospital with signs of abuse through neglect (I.e. malnourishment), most would accept that would be an acceptable instance where the parents were incapable of caring for their child, and state intervention would be required. We muddy that process through intent: superstitious reasons fr such abuse would be considered crazy, religious convictions are more acceptable by society (slightly). Belief in woo is more widely accepted by society at large, and is thus seen as being a responsible alternative to medical care, when it certainly isn’t.

    It certainly shows how important it is to delegitimize so-called “Alternative Medicine” and it’s spiritual twin in religious exemptions.

  3. Hey i think he should not though i am a 13 Year old shaman. and if he was a shaman i would think he would know better than to do so. even though death is not a scary thing you must trust you are to be in this world for a reason espeacially if you are a shaman.If he is 13 than he has soo much more to live for ( driving, wife, kids, and spirtual belifes) and i disagree that this boys parents are nut cases due to shamanism… please if i was that boy i would certainly not kill myself not matter what :3

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