Origin Of Life Can’t Be Explained by Science!

It’s just too much of a leap! But don’t worry, Texas Educators have it under control.

I love the way she says Jump, like with two syllables. Good thing the slack jawed yokels are in charge down in Texas. We would not really want Texans to stop being as stoopid as they’all are, they would not be as cute!!!!

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0 thoughts on “Origin Of Life Can’t Be Explained by Science!

  1. Yeah everybody should have some humility when they’re doing science. Take it easy with the scientific progress once and a while. Everybody take a nap or something. More siesta time for scientists please!! Be humble…

  2. That’s why if they want to secede from the US, I say don’t let the door hit you on the backside. Don’t think Mexico would have them nor want them beyond their own ex-pat Mexicans as the large part of the population but not fully in power.

  3. When you apply the attributes of a person to an entire group, it’s prejudice. I wish you’d stop, because it detracts from the otherwise excellent material you post here.

  4. Wayne, haven’t we had this conversation before? The people who are in charge down there in Texas detract from humanity in general to an extent that we simply must do something about it. I’m way up here in Minnesota. So, my job is to harass the Texans … all of them … so the good ones are chagrined into action.

    In a humorous good natured way, of course.

    (Because a slack jawed yokel who is laughing takes longer to reload… 🙂

  5. Greg, you’re doing it again. You’ve gone from a few elected official being stupid to “the people in charge.” Generalizing from a few to the group.

    Remember Marion Barry, the former mayor of D.C., convicted for smoking crack while in office? I know you would not have said, at the time, “Good thing the drugged up black people are in charge in D.C. We would not really want D.C. to stop being as stoned as they are, they would not be so cute!!!” All to get the voters of D.C. to change their government, of course. And in good humor.

    I’ll bet you see those words as offensive as I do. So, let me ask you: Why is generalizing and ridiculing all black people offensive but not generalizing and ridiculing all Texans offensive? I don’t see any difference.

    For an example of how ridiculing stupidity can be done well without generalizing unfairly, see http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2009/05/06/texas-is-only-6000-years-old/ over at Bad Astronomy.

  6. Wayne, you’re nitpicking. A majority of a board is in charge exactly as much as the board as a whole in charge, and there have been idiotic majority decisions. If you want “the people who are in charge” to be more specific, you can always add information in the comments. (Of the blog post. This is a blog post, by the way, not some media outlet regulated by the FEC. No fairness requirement.)

    See, what I’m really saying here is that you’re telling a blogger how to blog. That never goes well.

  7. Stephanie, Thanks. I grant that I was nitpicking in my “you’re doing it again” comment, which I apologize for. I know I’ve been impolitic, as you point out. For that, I also apologize.

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