What is an editor?

Well, a person who edits. Are editors passe, no longer of use, old school, in the New Media of the Internet?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Here is a post suggesting that Editors have a role, and an important role, and I have a feeling that this is going to be the beginning of an interesting discussion.

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  1. What is an editor? An editor is the one who likes your writing style. Many years back, I wrote something in martial art. The editor told me that she had to spend too much time ‘editing’. Therefore, the article will not be accepted. She went on to advise me to ask some other writers to read my article before the next submission. However, she went on to say that whoever I asked and made changes accordingly may still not style she likes. So, what is an editor ? One who interprets ‘when’ and ‘if’ differently from your interpretation.

  2. Greg, in your case, an editor would be someone who decides whether and which of your posts is published. I mean not you, someone else. How is this appropriate to blogging? It’s probly not appropriate even in newspapers, but the industry, historically, is so structured so that’s the way it is.

  3. I did read the qm post and found it had some interesting things to say. But I was relating it to my own experience in the old fashioned newspaper industry.
    There there is a distinction between sub-editors who do the layout, spelling and such, and Editors who have real power as gatekeepers.
    I was trying to make the point that new media shouldn’t want to be like old media.

  4. The role of a newspaper editor and a novel copy editor are so different. I have read so many novels and non-fiction books where the author thanks ‘their’ editor for making the work readable.
    If journalism were to aspire to this…
    In newspapers there is always the power structure, especially where the paper’s owners want to have some political influence.

    Right now I’m listening to Revolution by Spiritualized.

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