Dave Mabus in my Email Box

I just received a very threatening email from Dave Mabus. Dave is a christian who is rabidly anti atheist. As a person he is about as pleasant as a bad rash and as an intellect he makes a walnut look smart. Very few people send me truly threatening emails and get away with it for long. Remember the Turkish Spammers? I took care of them right good, didn’t I. (Details will not be forthcoming … just notice that they are not around here any more.) And I’d take care of Dave as well, except for one very important detail. He wasn’t threatening me, he was threatening my friend and colleague, PZ Myers.

Now, of course, I’ll stand up for PZ any time. But I don’t need to. He’s very capable of taking care of himself. I pity the person that threatens PZ.

As part of Dave the Dummy Mathus’s threat, and rather incongruously, he sent me this picture:


I think Dave thinks this is a funny anti-atheist cartoon. He does not understand that this is a funny parody on anti-atheism. So Dave sending this to me and a thousand other people (oh, Dave’s also a spammer) is pretty funny. Please pass the cartoon on.

It is possible that Dave himself is a parody. He is so utterly absurd that there is a distinct possibility that he is a texbook case of Poe’s law. But I don’t think so. The reason I don’t think so is because of the link between Dave and Nostradamus. This link usually means something.

In truth, I feel sorry for Dave. There is abundant evidence to inidcate that this man is in need of psychiatric help. Seriously. The problem is, having the disability he has does not place me in a position to help him. It does not make me responsible for him. All I’m going to do is keep busy defending rationality, evolution, and education. Dave’s family and friends should really step in here and get him some help.

Here is is web site in case there is any doubt about his condition.

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0 thoughts on “Dave Mabus in my Email Box

  1. I followed your link… Funny? It was so funny I forgot to laugh. This guy is dumb enough to be an ID Believer too! I would also suspect that it is flat out impossible for him to eat any grilled cheese sandwich… he wouldn’t want to destroy a vital miracle of Mary and/or Jesus on toast.

  2. HA!

    I did not know that comfortable footwear was the work of the devil!

    Did Jesus wear uncomfortable shoes?

    Do you have to wear uncomfortable shoes to be a christian?

  3. That site is messed up. Just so I’m straight about this, Depeche Mode is fulfilling prophesies of Nostradamus? I knew they were one of my favorite bands for a reason. It’s predestined!

  4. That’s a christian they’ve misidentified- the chain is to remind people of how money enslaves the soul, the baggy pants are to facilitate comfortable kneeling, and everyone knows Jesus had long-ish hair.
    I think he sounds too incoherent to be a parody.

  5. He’s not a Poe, unless he’s a really dedicated one. He’s been around for ages.

    Pop Tarts v. omnipresence of God:
    Pop Tarts taste good.
    They give you energy.
    They’re fortified with vitamins.
    If you put them in a microwave, they warm you up.

    God… um, well…

    Pop Tarts 4, God 0.

  6. Mabus emailed me a while back after a significant mocking and nose thumbing I gave him on PZ’s blog.

    The man is in serious need of something.

    medical treatment
    commitment to the Elsinore Mental hospital
    a long nap
    the companionship of… anything


    And what is with the Depeche Mode thing?

  7. Wait, he actually sent you this cartoon without realize it is actually making fun of people like him. That’s some delicious irony. Anyway, since when do monkeys have long hair, especially on their heads?

  8. Thanks for posting the cartoon – I’m on his spam list and got that email too, but there is no way in hell that I’m opening any attachments or clicking on any links sent by that lunatic!

  9. Not impressed with this caricature of people who just happen to attack caricatures of Christians.

    Stupidity propagates stupidity I guess.

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