Be a Quitter

It is not easy to quit smoking. It is not easy to be blogger. My friend DuWayne is trying to do both at once.

I’m a soon to be ex-smoker. My name is DuWayne Brayton and I have been smoking for about sixteen years now. I’ve had enough – though embarrassingly, it has taken the price of tobacco doubling, for me to decide to quit. … I am hoping to hear from you. I would really like to get some other smokers – current and ex, to post their stories.

If you would like to contribute, you can drop a comment, or send me an email at duwayne.brayton at gmail .com. You will have to sign up for a blogger account, though you needn’t use your real name. I will send you an invite to become a member and you can start posting.

Quitters Blog is here. Please have a look and contribute!

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0 thoughts on “Be a Quitter

  1. Thanks Greg…

    I have, by the way, smoked less than a third of what I have been smoking lately, since getting my e-cig (nicotine vaporizer). I go to see my doctor tomorrow and will be doubling my dose of Wellbutrin (aka Zyban) and expect that I will actually have tobacco left, after I smoke my last one.

  2. Hi DuWayne –
    I tried patches/gums/inhalers, Wellbutrin, and a few less well-scientifically documented “cures”. I don’t know if you’ve tried it yet, but Chantix really worked far, far better than Wellbutrin for me. Only problem is that it’s way more expensive and my insurance didn’t cover it (so the 2 months came to about $350 out of pocket).
    If the Wellbutrin’s killing the cravings, that’s great, but if not, I’d seriously recommend trying Chantix if you can access it.

  3. erin –

    Unfortunately, I have to pay out of pocket for my meds and I’m already taking more meds than I particularly want to (the Wellbutrin is actually for moderating depression, bipolar II and ADHD – the helping me quit smoking is just a bonus – and I am also taking Clonidine (also good for all that ails me), Ritalin and have a script for Xanax, which I almost never take).

    But I got a e-cig, which has been remarkably more effective than I could have dreamed. I’ve only smoked two and a third cigarettes thus far today – as apposed to ten or twelve by this point. So I am really doing well and expect to actually smoke my last, well before I initially planned.

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