Burn the books!

“The commies have infiltrated our country as part of their fifty year plan! I know what I’m talking about, I’m in the marketing business! Only the FOX network knows the truth!” … and so on and so forth.

These are real people. Be afraid. Trust no on. I am not joking even a little. You must listen to the end, or at least, focus on the last 90 seconds or so.

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0 thoughts on “Burn the books!

  1. That was greatly amusing.

    Until I got to the “Burn the books” shout out. It’s the title of the post, so I suspected it was coming, but jeez-Louise, to actually hear someone shout it proudly and seriously. That is the terror that the US needs to watch out for.

  2. “the 50 year plan”? really? the commies couldn’t even get their 5 year plans right, and the guy think there’s a successful 50 year plan?

    yay for stoopid conspiracy theories.

    also, good luck on the not paying taxes thing.

  3. I believe that this will be my first video in any class I teach from now on. Yes, students, you are in college because you want to be here, and certain things have worked out so that you can be here. These are the people who don’t want you to be here, and who won’t ever trust you because you are here. And now, on with the whole educmacation thing!

  4. I am not surprised one bit, but I also spent a good couple years listening to Alex Jones and Coast To Coast AM, so I’ve heard this all before many times. And I wasn’t listening to those programs because I was a gullible fool. It was partially entertainment value, but I was interested in specializing in the conspiracy theories to better understand them to confront believers, and in hopes of being something in the skeptic movement. But damn, one can only take so much of conspiracy theories. I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did.

  5. Well sure, we all remember that Joe McCarthy was busy packing the Universities full of Reds during the 50’s, right?

    And even though I expected to hear “Burn the Books!” it was still surprising and hilarious.

  6. George, damn straight they’ll become violent. It’s a hell of a lot of work keeping people from being violent, and not only are the people these folks trust not doing that work, but they’re encouraging the violence with fear-mongering and crocodile tears over our “ruined” country.

  7. And we thought it was bad when the 9/11 conspiracy theorists were running rampant. It really is scary when you think that so many of the people who tune in to Glen Beck and Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly honestly believe such tripe. And they’re scared. And they believe that violence may be a viable means of “getting their country back”. They believe that the United States always was, still is, and forever should be a Christian nation.

    I’m just waiting for the first Fox media pundit to actually put together enough of the right words to be charged with sedition. I don’t think it would be easy though. The Smith Act is still on the books, but I don’t think it’s been used since the early 60’s.

  8. I keep wanting to believe it’s satire. I wish. Sigh.

    The Smith Act has, if I recall, been ruled unconstitutional. You should not wish for government to have such a power: Do not think that will only be used on those far-right wing-nuts (it was originally used on far-left wing-nuts, if I recall). Governments tend to yield power very coarsely, and according to the whims of the party in control at the moment. Which might not always be your favorite one.

  9. I’m glad she wants to burn only the ‘brainwashing’ books. I was worried there for a second. And I think any good quality tin foil hat should take care of the brainwashing device on your TV.

    @Matthew Platte:”Well sure, we all remember that Joe McCarthy was busy packing the Universities full of Reds during the 50’s, right?”

    Those Communists are sneakier than you think. They infiltrated the senate and had McCarthy censured, ruining his reputation. The rest was easy.

    This is seriously scary. Is it my imagination, or has this kind of ridiculous non-thinking gotten worse in the last several years? Or is it just louder? (Either way it’s a problem: loudness=positive feedback.) I’ve lived in Germany for the last six years, so I don’t have real time contact with the mood over there, just what gets filtered through CNN, Scienceblogs, Alternet and a few other sources.

  10. Its not your imagination. We’ve had eight years of government during which it was policy to praise ignorance & hatred as true American values.

    The bottom feeders thrive.

  11. Seriously disturbing. Not only these idiots seem to have no problem spouting this kind of nonsense without any sense of shame, nobody told them to shut the fuck up. That’s really disturbing.

  12. Wayne Conrad said:

    The Smith Act has, if I recall, been ruled unconstitutional.

    Yeah, it’s close to that. Several of the convictions were thrown out as unconstitutional, but the statute itself still stands.

    Actually, the Smith Act probably wouldn’t be the most appropriate in this case. More likely would be §2384 of Title 18: Seditious conspiracy. (The Smith Act is §2385.)

  13. Just in case anyone thinks these people aren’t serious, or that they aren’t possibly going to resort to violence, Here’s a quote from The American Constitution And Capitalism Defense Front Is Here, a post by Pat Dollard at his web site:

    “Every day, it becomes clear that American capitalism, and by necessity the American Constitution, are under assault from a neo-Marxist revolution launched, as it only could be, by a madman, a hate-filled (thank you, Pastor Manning), narcissistic psychopath who is a liar par excellence (thank you again, Pastor Manning), possessed by whatever demons possessed those in whose footsteps he follows. Hitler, Stalin, Hussein et al. Insert your favorites. I donâ??t know what fucked this two-bit punk up, or when, and I donâ??t really care, Iâ??m just going to see to it that he is stopped. Iâ??d like you to join me.”

    Among the comments there:

    “this is a bad-ass post. if the movement means taking up arms against the left. so be it.”

    “If we do not move to win politically now we will eventually have violence in the streets. The battle will be fought. Choose a side and participate now.”

    “And I also need to point out to all socialilsts that are eavesdropping. I am sure that everyone else here has sold all weapons already, since Obama wants to take them away from us, ans we are all buying ammunition with cash purchases only to stimulate the economy. Please rest assured that all such ammunition pruchased was properly disposed of, no one hoarding anything, please, nothing to see here Mr. spineless socialist, move alongâ?¦.NOW”

    “All I can think of is dead commies and DC in Flames, weâ??ll hunt those bastards to the gates of Hellâ?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦America reborn! With the blood of Patriots. My GOD we live in amazing times. Freedom for All”

    Yeah, pretty damn scary.

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