0 thoughts on “Photosynth Prototype

  1. Last night while browsing in the bookstore, I heard a little kid say to his mom “Mom, I have to go to bed tonight or the Easter Bunny won’t come, right?” She said “That’s right.”

    Then he said “Mom, do you think you could tell dad that he has to go to bed early, too, then?” The mom said “Sure.” Then his brother said “That only works for Santa, not the Easter Bunny!!!” And the first one countered with “IT WORKS FOR BOTH!” It was awesomely funny.

  2. Very intresting, but i’m afraid that it has already fallen into the wrong hands. Right now probably someone at Microsoft is wondering how they could make the most money out of something like this, and someone in, say, Republic of Moldova, wonders how to identify the most troublesome disidents from a few surveilance photos and some confiscated cell phones.

    When theese two guys meet, it’ll be a match made in haven for the security forces and venture capitalism.

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