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  1. “You haven’t tasted my Jesus”.

    I, an atheist raised into Catholicism (as 95% of the population in my country) HAVE tasted the body of Christ, and it was sweet as a waffle.

  2. Being familiar with both Thunderf00t and VFX, I’ve come to the conclusion that anybody who comes out in support of VFX is a brain dead zombie.

    Mankel, Jesus is less appetizing than week old Wonder bread.

    What would a xian video be without Pascal’s wager thrown in at the end? I should have seen it coming.

  3. Raise ’em. atheist, raise ’em devout, it doesn’t matter which. When they turn 18, they’ll switch camps just to cross the old man.

  4. I say He tasted like a rice wafer. I shall wage war on Mankel until he admits the Truth. (BTW, His blood tasted just like box wine.)

    Curiously, Wayne, that’s mainly an American tradition.

  5. Lydia needs to rename herself.


    Venom Fang .. *X*

    She needs to be God Girl!

    Or 110% Backup Lass!

    Or Faithbolt and Moonshine – that could be her cat.

  6. Am I out of line attributing at least part of her stupidity to YouTube culture as well as fundamentalism?

    At least Lydia is not a snort-coffee-through-your-nose name.

  7. Posted by: Wayne Conrad “Raise ’em. atheist, raise ’em devout, it doesn’t matter which. When they turn 18, they’ll switch camps just to cross the old man.”

    Perhaps, but when they get a bit older, marry and have kids, people tend to edge back to how they were brought up. It becomes even more apparent as they get still older and start to feel their mortality.

  8. Hi Nathan,

    In the little town I grew up, the local priest had a deal with the local bakery. They made the sweetest Body of Jesus so the kids were eager to get their piece on Sundays. It didn’t work for most of us, but it was a good try.

    About His Blood. It was normally not shared by the priest, he taketh it all…

  9. @Mankel — It depends on the sect. I was raised Roman Catholic (it never “took”, I suppose), and everyone who wanted it got a sip of the wine — including one little boy I can still clearly recall who looked like he always took an enormous gulp.

    I personally had church wine before I tasted any other, so that was my gold standard for a chunk of my life. Hooray for sweet, cheap & watered-down!

    Though I stopped taking it when I noticed one of the wafers floating in it — apparently the priest drops that in there (because a goblet of blood is more aesthetically appealing with a gobbet of flesh afloat in it?) but I thought it had slipped out of the mouth of the icky old man in front of me in line, and was horrified.

    Ah, memories of childhood….

  10. Wow. that simple parable of the apple has won over my cold atheistic heart and I now see the light. Such logic, such incontrovertible proof! How can you possibly refute such and argument!

  11. I’ve eat jesus; I found him bland.

    Do theists often confuse bible stories for trite urban legends and mass mailing? I understand the confusion… but even a brainwashed theist child must know that there were no college professors teaching science when the bible was written. I worry about kids who cannot distinguish fact from fiction.

  12. I don’t think this sort of indoctrination is exactly child abuse. But what it does suggest is,that when people raised this way encounter something cognitively dissonant, like the theory of evolution,they tend to go on automatic pilot rejecting it. I was, however, distrubed by the video for other reasons: the “professor” in that “cartoon”(not a very good one), appeared to be a “black” person, while the student objecting to evolution appeared to be “white”. I don’t know whether this was deliberate and conscious or whether it just slipped in, but I think it says a lot about the mindset of some of these people. And what it says is not very nice.
    Anne G

  13. Fascinating. There may be some hope for this young lady. Note that towards the end she started to say something about how she’d be rejoicing in heaven “while you…” and then paused and rather than say that the watchers would be in hell she said that she’d hope to see the watchers in heaven as well.

    Also, given the last image it appears that she may accept an Old Earth.

    She does however seem to be very confused overall. She labels her anecdote as a “Bible story” even though it isn’t in the text. She also seems to not realize that the fundamental difference between the apple and her Jesus is that we all agree the apple exists.

    I’m most disturbed by her little cartoon drawing of science. That depth of anti-science is rare even among extreme evangelicals.

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