0 thoughts on “Why Gitmo Matters

  1. My thesis statement–at least as expressed to friends in China who believe that Obama is “black”:

    “In my country, black and white has not always been determined by skin color alone, but rather, by the concepts and constructs of privilege that one is born to, maintains, or that one upholds. Obama is more white than me, less white than Bush, and generally not considered to be black by other black, and often racist, leaders.”

    So we’ll see how white he really is when he refuses not only investigations into law-breaking By BushNCheney et al, but also in how he handles the back-pedaling on his campaign promises of a new “open-ness”, and issues over Gitmo–and though an investigation over torture should be mandatory there, I doubt we will get one and he has signaled as much.

    Meantime, my money says that all of that “new openinity” won’t even touch the wholesale or specific wiretapping of American citizens, or Telcoms that broke the law.

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