0 thoughts on “Open Minds? Pass it on.

  1. I’m pretty certain that we all know of many individuals and groups who would greatly profit from heeding the advice given in this video. Unfortunately, I’m also pretty certain that a lot of those individuals and groups would not be open-minded enough to even watch it. I get so sick of creationists, anti-vaxers, religious nuts, etc., etc. Where’s that stasis module? Maybe things’ll be better in a couple thousand years.

  2. Fabulous.

    I loved the use of comic-book graphics!

    Can I get whoever put that together to work on my next presentation? Way cooler than my turgid powerpoints!

    I need to send this to my wife…. (I’m NOT dogmatic and closed-minded, I just want EVIDENCE!) but maybe I’ll do so from an anonymous email account! 😉

    And can I borrow your grandma? She sounds like she’d be really cool!

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