0 thoughts on “I’m going to start showing a LOT more YoutTube videos on this blog….

  1. A few other helpful suggestions we’ve compiled from personal research. Don’t watch while eating a hamburger or steak. Don’t send this link to your mom, even if she’s a doctor. And do not, under any circumstances, send one of these to your co-workers with the subject line, New From Zooborns, as a joke. It’s not funny.

    lmao – I wonder whether that was naive, intentional, or a response to someone having done just that.

    But right now, I have to fire off some e-mails..

  2. One person’s learning is another person’s porn.

    One person’s beauty is another person’s disgust.

    One person’s morality is another person’s immorality.

  3. Did anyone else giggle a little when the doctors were all surprised to discover breast implants during the autopsy?

  4. Fascinating. But it went so fast I couldn’t quite catch; did they put some kind of pad or bridge on the lower end of the bone? How does the point of amputation become able to support weight?

  5. charfles: Yep. I managed to catch it before the narrator mentioned it, too.

    george.w: well, they mention a bone bridge in the latter part, and I didn’t see anything cut off that would fit there, so I assume it’s something they attach to the bone after the cut.

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