0 thoughts on “God = 51% chance

  1. Why do folks with a stupidity quotient of 100 have the urge to manifestly demonstrate this in the public realm.
    If he had talked to his mirror, in the quiet of his bathroom – nobody would have noticed.
    Exposing himself however as he does, one can call him an idiot without prejudice.

  2. @thadd
    I think if you try removing your turtle’s shell, you’ll see a tiny cat or dog at the controls. That’s what happened when I dismantled my goldfish.

  3. We could put this guy’s head in a cat scan and let him look at the picture. I’m afraid that there’ll be less than a 50% chance that he’ll see a brain. (Probably because the Hitler-Stalin-PolPot-Mao-zombie ate it long ago)

  4. We could put this guy’s head in a cat scan and let him look at the picture.

    He’d just argue there’s a 50% chance he’d received a dog scan.

  5. It is amazing what they can do with raw protoplasm these days. They did a nice job shaping it into something life-like. Too bad they gave it sound though. That gave ti all away.

  6. Wow, I must be hanging around too-sophisticated corners of the internet, I had forgotten such stupid arguments existed.

    The saddest thing is, he’s so earnest, he seems so convinced those “arguments” of his are actually convincing. And yet he doesn’t look like he’s ten years old…

  7. When I first heard that “vlogging” was becoming all the rage a few years ago, this is exactly the sort of thing I dreaded. People sitting in from of their video cameras, unscripted, thinking they could emulate their favorite talking head from Fox News. Pauses, umms, disjointed presentations, all out there for the world to see.

    “Look, Ma, I’ve put up a YouTube Video and it had 7000 views!”

    Ma watches it and the next day she introduces her son to her friends over for coffee and cookies and says, “Yes, this is our little Donald. He’s famous, you know. He’s done what DesCartes and Pascal couldn’t do. He smacked those atheists with logic on YouTube!”

    And little Donald is standing their beaming, soot pouring out of his belly button, thinking “Yep, I am going to get laid by that cute Christian barista at Starbuck’s when I bring in my laptop and show this to her.”

    And Ma is thinking that perhaps that education at Liberty University wasn’t such a waste of money after all.

  8. Its a poe, people – and evidently a very good one too. He has some other hilarious videos on anal and vaginal sex – go watch them.

  9. This guy is actually an atheist, see some of his other videos. This one may not be as obvious if you didn’t know in the first place, but some of the other videos are a little more obvious that it’s a joke.

  10. oh. wow. concentrated Dunning-Kruger. I mean really? we have no evidence for air? we have no evidence for brains?!

    I feel stupider now. I don’t think I can watch any more of that guy.

  11. I think the comments in here overloaded my snob meter. The sheer hatred and elitism displayed is testament of why our world is in the state it is today.

    Keep picking people apart! I suppose your educational pursuits have made you all complete human beings tolerant of others in the world…

  12. I love this guy. Can anyone place his accent? Sometimes he sounds like he’s an Irishman doing an American accent, but other times I’m hearing Eastern European. In other words, I have no clue.

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