0 thoughts on “Ladies: What to do when you discover he’s an atheist?

  1. I have been an atheist since my late teens. I have been “dumped for Jesus” twice. I have now been married to a non-beleiver for over 30 years. If a man being an athiest is a problem, girls, I hope you do run like hell, and the sooner the better.

  2. That was the most insulting piece of drivle I have watched in years. Where the hell does a male comedian get off giving relationship advice to women? He’s got a very narrow stereotype of an audience, women with poor critical thinking skills and no self-worth. And he’s telling them what they’re good for (sex, sexiness, affection and sex), how fast to take their relationships and how to judge their suitors. Given that, did you expect him to have enlightened views regarding religiosity? It’s very frustrating to see him, but to see his audience is worse.

  3. I had him pegged as being full of shit (90 day probation period??? Relationships are like jobs at assembly plants?) well before he got to the moral barometer, and then he took it over the top. What a douchebag!

  4. Oh man… concentrated stupid, and before he even got to the “if he’s an atheist, run like hell” BS

    I tried that “probation period” BS on my first boyfriend. I lasted a mere 2 weeks before I jumped him. Never bothered with that crap again.

    But then, I’ve never gotten into this silly “dating” thing either. I’m suspecting “dating” was invented by Americans for the sole purpose of making people miserable and self-conscious. And to sell more books with stupid advice.

  5. Great. I had to watch that right when I’m already feeling depressed about being a lonely, pathetic loser.

  6. Now here comes a hand grenade for middle class white liberalism: Isn’t it ironic that when we all agreed that “black” should and could lead; that “black people” will make a great inheritor of the stewardship of the next generation–isn’t it ironic that what you got was more Jeebus, and less “black”? More neo-con spin in the name of “Christian values?” Only thing missing is some whiteface makeup.

    Tyra Banks is not only the worst thing to ever happen to journalism (not tomention maternal incest studies) , but little more than an Antebellum octoroon madame, pimping ( in her own words); is it any wonder that her pick of guests to give advice to your teens is someone who is merely re-stating “old school pimpology”?

    hehehe…glad it’s your daughter lis’nin, and not mine…;-)

  7. Steve Harvey can go sit on his moral barometer.

    Now I can add ignorant to my classification of him as not funny. Why do people put up with so many fools like this on TV?

  8. I hate Tyra Banks, but I loved her awkward “Oh-shit-did-he-really-just-say-that?” laugh.

    According to her promo, The Tyra Banks Show gives “young women the “girlfriend” they want to hang out with and the role model they need.” I call bullshit.

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