God gave the dinosaurs the carbon for their atmosphere, so….

… so we should be happy with the carbon god gave us. Which was less. So wait, what does this mean????

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This is what a political party looks like when it is on the verge of extinction.

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0 thoughts on “God gave the dinosaurs the carbon for their atmosphere, so….

  1. Did he really say ‘there is a theological debate that this is a carbon starved planet’ or did I hear wrong?


  2. Clearly God doesn’t love us as much as he loved the dinosaurs.

    Which tells us 3 things:

    1) People advocating increasing carbonm emissions are clearly the Heralds of Satan – why else would they deliberately try to subvert the Will of God?

    2) People advocating that we don’t need to do anything to decrease carbon emissions are simply not humble and meek enough and we know what the Bible says about people like that.

    3) That if God loved the dinosaurs more than us and he showed that by exterminating them all, then we’re in deep shit.

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