0 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly: Kiss our collective statewide ass

  1. The Bush administration minted dozens, hundreds of billionaires by more or less just handing them the money. Your money. Your great-grandchildren’s money. Those billionaires can continue bankrolling this toxic sludge ’til kingdom come.

    A retroactive top-bracket tax restoration, back to 2001, seems like a good idea. If they complain enough about “fiscal responsibility” they won’t be able to oppose it, right?

  2. Letterman is on NBC.

    Apparently this was last night (I haven’t watched it myself, can’t stand O’Reilly, prefer to pick up the highlights from Keith Olbermann).

  3. “In my mind, I think of you as a goon”!

    LoL 🙂 Thanks Tony!Oh, I love David Letterman!

    Here’s part 2 (Talks about Franken in this one)

  4. Letterman hasn’t been on NBC for years. He’s on CBS.

    O’Reilly is a fool, but he’s being paid good money to be such a fool, so I doubt he’ll change just because he offends Minnesotans. Still, it’s possible that he’s right. No rational Minnesotans would ever have voted for Michele Bachmann, yet she won. That is evidence that voting is rigged in Minnesota or that Minnesota is much more insane than it normally admits.

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