Amazing Day for Science News!

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Several very important events or finds are in the news this morning.

I’ve already reported the discovery of an amazing new rodent. In addition, the Volcano at Yelllowstone Caldera seems to have unexpectedly erupted. Details here. Non one was hurt, but activities on the lake will be canceled for the remainder of …. the Holocene.

Recent work in Evolutionary Theory, just published, seems to show that Darwin was Wrong about Everything. John Wilkins, who himself is walking proof that Evolution is Wrong (or, why would there still be gorillas?) has the details on this story.

Chris Rowen has an excellent report on a new fossil from china that is going to turn our thinking about fossils on it’s side.

Bringing new life to the old “Dragon Myth” thing, recently discovered late surviving (as in actual Living Fossils! but not living any more) carnivorous reptiles seem to explain the whole dragon myth thing. Darren Naish at Tegrapod Zoology has this research, and some great photos, as usual.

Finally, the latest research on climate change shows that … Anthropogenic global warming is, after all, a fraud, a colossal scheme designed to subvert the very foundations of modern civilization

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