Overheard at the gym

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i-dde1c8caa6e13d5c182a0bdb6a1739a1-the_wave.jpgCheck it out.

I saw you working out on that new machine,” the personal trainer, folding towels at the counter by the locker room, was saying to some guy he knew. You see more trainers folding towels these days, what with the economy and all.

“The new machine?” was the reply.

“Yea. The wave.”

“The wave?! Oh, you mean the thing next to the Stair Master. The Hockey Machine.”

“… Ah, right…. the ‘Hockey Machine …”

The wave is a low impact aerobic machine that simulates shushing, like with skate-skiing. Apparently the guys like to call it the “Hockey Machine.” Which it isn’t It’s “The Wave”. It’s got a sign on it that says “The Wave” and everything.

Hockey machine indeed.

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