Michele Bachmann: Time for a censure. Seriously

I live next to this crazy person’s congressional district and I do not want the yahoos who live there pouring over the border of My Fair City with their guns and rabid dogs, mullets and swastika-bearing pickups. Michele Bachmann barely makes it to Winged Monkey level, and this is well demonstrated here:

More details here.

More details and important request below the fold:

Should Bachmann Be Censured for Her Recent Remarks?

Politico: Bachmann urges “armed” revolt over climate plan.

At Political Animal

I recommend writing your representative in congress and asking that Bachmann be censured. Here is how to find out who your representative is.

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0 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann: Time for a censure. Seriously

  1. I thought she was just saying “armed and dangerous” as in being informed and outspoken on the matter… and then she said that part about having a revolution once in a while. Hmm…

  2. Bachmann isnâ??t the only one that is talking revolution.

    Last week, the Tulsa Beacon reported that Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) said â??I like the idea of tea parties and a real revolution.â?
    During the same interview, Coburn was asked about The Freedom of Choice Act and how people should react if it was enacted. Dr. Coburnâ??s answer? “Civil disobedience.â?
    Coburn went on to say â??The battle in Washington, D.C. is real. Every day in the Senate without Al Franken is a great day. â?

    Those of us in Minnesota have heard Bachmann’s rants before, but now with Coburn, I think there are “talking points” in play.

    As far as Bachmann’s comment, I don’t think Thomas Jefferson would like that his words were misquoted (he never said “revolution”) and taken out of context. Bachmann should understand that comments made before the first Congress or President were in place are entirely different than after … or even today.

    A formal censure would be seen as politically motivated, however I would like to see a prominent Republican denounce these antics … how about McCain who supported “Cap and Trade”, or Norm Coleman could improve his image with a denouncement statement … or even Tim Pawlenty who has recognizes the problem. Their silence signifies that Bachmann, Coburn, Jason Lewis, etc. are the real Republican Party.

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