Texas Creationists Pwned By Genie Scott

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This is why we love Genie Scott:

The NCSE now has a channel on You Tube, and at this time you can see most, probably all, of Genie’s testimony in Texas. It is very instructive.


Here you’ll find reports from the evolution/creationism wars — footage of contentious testimony, landmark and illuminating speeches, conference coverage, excerpts from television appearances, and presentations. In the future, look for classroom videos, tutorials for teachers, videos contributed by NCSE members, and much more.

When you visit our YouTube channel, check out a couple of key areas. At top right you’ll see the latest, hot video. (In this case, executive director Genie Scott explaining evolution to the Texas Board of Education.) Below this video window you’ll see the Playlist area. We’ve broken down our initial offerings into different categories–Genie Scott’s testimony before the Texas Board of Education; the board’s chairman, Don McLeroy, expounding on why evolution is false; and some light-hearted coverage of our recent Project Steve celebration.

Please explore the site, tell us what you like (and don’t), and suggest improvements and changes.

CONTACT: Robert Luhn of the NCSE, 510-601-7203, luhn@ncseweb.org

Web site: www.ncseweb.org

YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/NatCen4ScienceEd.

To see more news from NCSE, go to: http://ncseweb.org/news

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0 thoughts on “Texas Creationists Pwned By Genie Scott

  1. Look how dumb the creationists on the board are…

    Dunbar’s weird obsession with Werner Arber…

    She apparently thinks he’s a creationist or something. Probably because she read some creationist somewhere who quote mined Arber and made him look like a creationist.

  2. Obviously the creationists on the board have been reading the worst of the worst of the seediest creationist crapola that’s out there.

  3. If there was a God, I would say God bless Genie Scott, for sure. I dunno if there is one though. Gosh bess her anyway though! Rock on…

  4. “…just like you can teach examples of political chicanery.”

    +25 snark points to Dr Scott. Brilliant!

  5. In fairness, Genie totally didn’t mean it that way, and didn’t realize until a few seconds later why people were laughing. (So she says, anyway.)

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