0 thoughts on “Put yourself in a woman’s shoe for a day…

  1. If it’s a woman’s dress shoes, you’ll be blistered, you’ll fall on your ass if there’s any mud or snow, and if it’s cold or wet, so will be your feet.

  2. My entire self in one woman’s single shoe? I’ll give it a shot. Hell, I’m part way there as it is anyway.

  3. To begin with, I couldn’t figure it out. I thought it was some weird brand of Turkish humor or something. Then things came together. Yeah, it’s kinda “over the top”, but it’s also, in many ways, right on target. Kinda makes (some) people think!
    Anne G

  4. If it seems over the top it is because it is so unbelievable to see female identities doing these male things and visa versa, to this extent. I agree with Betul, that it is actually kinda average culturally speaking. It is probably watered down for certain contexts, maybe a bit overdone for other contexts. But you can’t really have one production like this that matches all contexts.

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