0 thoughts on “The Quattro Toilet

  1. Carrots go down the hole!

    Chess sets go down the hole!

    Dog food go down the hole!

    (Notice that all of their examples are small, relatively homogeneous pieces? If your turds are all small and round, you should probably check yourself for a fluffy tail and an irresistible craving for carrots.)

  2. So if you chop a body properly you’ll be able to flush it without problems if you have this toilet.

    It gives the “Will it Blend” guys a run for their money.

  3. For god’s sake, keep that video away from the kids. They’ll be trying that trick with the one currently installed at home. (And then you will have to buy one of these for the repair. Maybe that’s the point.)

  4. OK, so I can understand how one might produce hot dog-like, carrot-like, or dog food-like stools, but chess pieces and plastic alphanumerals!? What the hell could you eat that would cause that? Seriously, I want to know so I can avoid it!

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