America Losing Religion – And Morality?

i-3f2f66a0b2d43a01afdc6acfdd6aa34b-mn_atheists.jpg On this week’s show we’re going to try something different. We’ll have a discussion between an atheist and a Christian about the current state of morality in this country. Is the decline of religion really leading to a loss of moral values, as the Religious Right claims? Is America going to hell in a handbasket? Join us for what promises to be a lively debate between August Berkshire, past president of Minnesota Atheists, and Robert Dull of The Pearlygate Network.

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0 thoughts on “America Losing Religion – And Morality?

  1. Hmmm… so much for automatically generated blog posts….

    This show is at 9:00 AM cdt. You were asleep. I recommend the podcast, which is usually up very shortly after the show. Probably up already.

  2. Thanks. For future reference, London is normally six hours ahead of Minnesota, (though presently going through a couple of weeks when it’s only five hours ahead due to daylight saving in America). I was wide awake at 09:00 CDT, which is 14:00 GMT.

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